Triple Positive

I had a great weekend. Saturday night was fun. We went to a Japanese tapas restaurant to celebrate a friend's five year soberversary. I checked the menu ahead of time to see what I could eat. There were only two tapas that fit into my diet. I made sure to eat a little ahead of time, so I wouldn't be anxious or starving. And then ordered those two dishes, ate from them, and politely passed on everything else that came around the table. There were lots of good conversations, lots of laughing. It was just what I needed and it felt good to show up for my friend and celebrate despite all of this other stuff on my mind. 

Sunday was pretty lazy. There was a minor hissy fit in the parking lot of the grocery store. I threw a little pity party for myself, lamenting all the foods I can no longer eat. It ended with something along the lines of, "I don't want to go shopping. I hate food. I'm never eating again." David suggested he go shopping for us while I sit in the car and make some phone calls, perhaps to my Spiritual Person ONSpecific Organized  Religion. I grudgingly agreed because I hate it when he's a responsible grownup and I'm fully aware that I am acting like a 6 year old. So he went inside and I called my S.P.O.N.S.O.R. and a few other people. I was back to rational by the time he came back with bags of delicious alkaline friendly foods that were not all broccoli and kale <<shudder>>. Turns out, David, being the incredible man he is, actually did some research and found that there are LOTS of good things (not just gross vegetables!) that I can eat, like dates, and hazelnuts, and dried banana chips, and zucchini spirals in tomato sauce (almost pasta!). If this man still marries me after this cancer stuff is over, he's either a saint or insane- possibly both. 

After putting away groceries, I walked over to my friend's place. We just met Labor Day weekend on a women's spiritual yoga camping trip that was hosted by The Giving Tree, a yoga studio here in Astoria. The studio will also require a back story. For now, I'll tell you that it is owned by a beautiful couple who bring so much light and love to our community. We've actually asked them to marry us. I'm very excited that they'll be a part of our wedding. They are truly good people. Anyway, back to my new friend! She and I hit it off immediately and have been making it a point to stay in touch. She also happens to sell doTERRA essential oils*. So I met with her to go over how to use the oils and she gave me some samples with instructions. It was a good excuse to catch up and now I feel armed with natural cancer killers. (*Last week, my older sister, LL, told me I should start diffusing oils and to find someone who can sell me that specific brand because they are 100% pure and chemicals are not used in the process of extracting oils from plants. LL is a huge proponent of natural remedies. She's been texting tips and suggestions. She's also been making organic soups and sending them up with my mother when she visits.) 

My mom came up again Sunday night to stay for a couple of days and to go to appointments with me. She brought my wedding dress with her 😁 (and also more LL soup). David and I decided that since I'll have to do chemo, we're going to have some formal wedding pictures taken before the port goes in and while I still have all my hair. We contacted our photographer and he was very accommodating. Looks like on Sunday, we'll be getting all dolled up for a little pre-wedding photo shoot! I'm SO excited. 

I saw two more doctors today. Everyone agrees chemo first. I should be starting by midweek next week or right after Thanksgiving. The oncologist said within 10 days, 2 weeks at most. The good news is that I have triple positive cancer, which is one of the easiest to beat. It's got 3 different positive receptors which means it responds to lots of different treatment. My understanding is that it is basically really dumb cancer and answers the door when strangers come. So, when chemo knocks, it'll open the door and be like, "oh hi! Come on in and kill me!" Ha! Stupid cancer. My cancer at stage 3 is easier to beat than basal cell at stage 1. This is very good news. I still haven't had a CT or PET scan but the doctors both agreed that I very likely do not have it anywhere else because there are no other symptoms and we caught it really early. AND even if it did spread, this type of cancer responds so well to chemo that it wouldn't matter. It will be eradicated. 

I have one more doctor to meet Tuesday, but I think we're settling on a plan. 20 weeks of chemo followed by surgery 3 weeks after that. The extent of surgery will be decided by post-chemo MRI and mammogram, and also by the results of the genetic tests. 

Aaaaand that's all I have for now! Tomorrow afternoon, I'll meet the last doctor. Tomorrow night, I have a phone call scheduled with the caterer that we're probably going with. Before Sunday, I need to get my dress and veil steamed, find shoes, decide on whether or not I want professionals to do my hair and makeup for the pictures (yes, right? I don't know), and if yes, find them and book them. It's going to be a fun week!