I am cancer free. I am so cancer free that I may not even need radiation. The cultures were all negative.

We win. 

I feel like I should be more excited, as if that should be followed by 7 exclamation points. But I'm more relieved than excited, and honestly, a little afraid to let myself celebrate too much. It feels like it's too soon to gloat, like in a horror movie when the bad guy jumps up just when you think you're safe. 

But it's gone. The tests have all confirmed it. Part of me was happy to hear that I might get to skip radiation, but there's another part that wants to do it anyway- just in case. Double tap. (Zombieland, anyone?) 

So now what? I still have two drains attached. I can't wait until these are gone and I can go back to work. I have reconstruction to look forward to all summer. (No, I will not be posting pictures.) And, I'll be continuing with the Herceptin infusions until November. In the meantime, there's wedding planning to be done, a marriage to be had, and a honeymoon to go on. 

I probably won't be posting as often, but I think I'll keep the blog alive through the wedding, maybe post some honeymoon pics when we get back, and then close up shop. 

I'm technically just a sober bride now.  😁