Exactly Where I Belong

I'm through the worst of it! Chemo. Is. Over.  Now I have 5 months to grow that cute little pixie cut for the wedding 😁

Last week and the end of this week I went to a few surgeons to get opinions on the next step. At one of the places I visited, they have a complimentary program that offers yoga, meditation and other alternative healing techniques to their patients. A woman came out while we were waiting and offered to guide a meditation for us while we waited to be seen by the doctor. I perked up at this because you may or may not know, this is what my almost-husband David does for a living. He teaches yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, chakra chanting and other alternative wellness methods to aid in recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction at treatment court, rehabs, adolescent centers, etc. I got excited about it being done for surgery patients. It's really important work as far as I'm concerned. I would not have recovered from alcoholism if it weren't for daily meditation and prayer (and a few other things) and I really see the value in applying them to every part of one's life. Anyone spreading the word is appreciated. So I gave her my full attention.

My mom was with me. The three of us sat down and did about 10 minutes of meditation. It was awesome. And grounding and beautiful. Afterward, we were speaking about the benefits of meditating and she asked me what other coping skills I was using to get through the treatments. I told her how this blog is a huge outlet for me and also that because of sober living, I have an amazing, supportive community around me that has made this experience much less difficult than it could have been. At which point we started talking about my supportive community and it turns out, we know some of the same people.

It's moments like these when I know I am exactly where I need to be. I've heard coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. For me, they've always been a sign that everything is in order, or they're like landmarks on a map. I go about my life doing the day to day stuff. As I follow the breadcrumbs put in front of me, every once in a while I look up and some uncanny coincidence has popped up again and I know I'm on the right track. And like following a map, I get a sense of relief. Like, "oh good there's the giant pine tree on the right and the crumbling red cabin on the left. I'm in the right place." And I know God is present and everything is exactly as it should be.

I'm going to continue working with her to prepare for surgery, which will be at the end of April. I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude that she was put on my path and it makes the idea of surgery much less daunting.