I Take Bribes

Here's how this morning went.

Faith: (hits snooze button 3 times.)

David: (bursts into room, jumps up and down on bed) Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!

F: No.

D: You aren't getting out of bed?

F: Nope. I'm not going.

D: What if I made you a really good breakfast?

F: What are you making?

D: I was going to make myself a steak, eggs and Swiss chard scramble probably with some other vegetables...

F: (makes a gross face)

D: ...and for YOU I was going cut up a banana, sauté it with coconut oil, raw honey, and cinnamon and pour it over waffles and maybe fry an egg?

F: (Throws covers off) I'll be out of the shower in ten minutes.