Adventures in ER Land

Goooood morning! I'm reporting live from inside of the emergency room. I've been here since Sunday night. It's Tuesday morning. I'm admitted, but they don't have a bed upstairs yet. I need to be isolated so they put me in my own little emergency room. There's a sign on the glass outside that says you have to wear a mask if you're coming in. 😷

I've had a cold since before I even started chemo. They said it was no big deal as long as I didn't get a fever. Well, Sunday night I got a fever of 102.9. I called the on-call doc to ask if I should still come in to get my port. The procedure had been scheduled for 7:30am Monday. The doctor said to come to the emergency room right away.  

David and I got here around 10 Sunday night. My mom immediately hopped in her car and drove up. She was here by 11pm. 

They took blood, chest x-rays, swabs- all kinds of fun stuff. I got some fluids, a blanket antibiotic, and my very own emergency room. Everyone on staff has been so nice. The hospital moves kind of slow, as evidenced by me still chilling in the emergency room, and that has made some things difficult. It's hard to get food. We ordered a salad around 5pm yesterday and it still hasn't shown up. After asking 4 times, my mom gave up, and braved the streets of New York at 9:30pm to find me sustenance. Doctors aren't around as often so it's hard to get seen. They come down to check on me after they finish their rounds upstairs. It's been frustrating but each individual person has been great, so it's hard to get upset. 

David brought a bag of fresh fruit, which is so much better than any hospital food were able to score. 

So we're holding steady. I had high hopes of coming home today, but my fever was back this morning so I'm worried they'll keep me. I'm neutropenic, which just means my white blood count is very low, so my immune system is at risk, hence the masks 😷. They gave me a shot in my stomach that should help boost the little guys. They took blood this morning to check. Fingers crossed! 

Care bear stare! Send me home today!