No News Is Frustrating News.

I spent some time on the phone today trying to track down correct phone numbers, departments, and people. Someone needs to start a Cancer Concierge service. It's been incredibly frustrating finding out over and over again that I can't even make an appointment until the correct paperwork and lab results are sent to the correct departments. I found out on Thursday that I have 2 invasive malignant tumors in my right breast and metastatic carcinoma in a lymph node. That's all I know and that is all I've been able to find out after 2 and a half days of phone calls that often involved tears of frustration to- I'm not exaggerating- 18 different phone numbers, some of them several times (with a torturous "there's nothing you can do until Monday" weekend in between). It's Monday night. I have one appointment for Thursday at 1:30pm. In the meantime, I'll just sit here and tear my hair out- which is probably going to come out eventually anyway soooo no big deal.